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robot ninja children built by geeks

Last night’s dream was long and dramatic epic for such confusing complexity that although it all made sense at the time I cannot quite reconstruct it now. It was obviously a consequence of two hours sleep the night before, a … Continue reading

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Mixing Memory

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Mummy’s little cinephile

Today I was browsing the listings at and I learned something new. I had never before encountered the concept of the ‘Parent And Baby Screening’ I am not surprised I hadn’t heard of it as I am very cine-ignorant … Continue reading

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The Essential Difference?…,937443,00.html Perhaps jealous of his cousins riches, Simon Baron Cohen seems to have given up doing real science and joined the Mars/Venus gold-rush. As far as I know he’s not yet writing for the Womens page of the Daily Mail, … Continue reading

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magic knee

the urbanites are onto the dreamwagon.. this thread I dreamt that I drove to scotland to visit harry potter’s school for a meeting with one of the teachers.. the whole place was a bit corporate and they were looking down … Continue reading

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Waking up at seven am engulfed in acrid black smoke after an evening spent celebrating atheism made me think I may have offended the gods somewhere along the line. Actually, I kind of had a small kitchen fire! I had … Continue reading

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August 2004 Reading List

Books I read this month: Le Ton beau de Marot – Douglas Hofstadter DH is the worst kind of nerd churned out by the American school system. A pathological need to over-achieve in every field and mistaking cleverness for wisdom. … Continue reading

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The Nightmare of Saint Helena

We went to the National Gallery on Sunday and while we didn’t see Quentin Blake or Rolf Harris we had a very good time. It is a cheap laugh to go to a free museum and make fun of the … Continue reading

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big bang

I’ve met a few muslims who seriously (tried to) use the big bang as ‘proof’ of the existence of god, using the First Cause (uncaused) argument. i was gobsmacked that anyone would still try this failed tactic.. Having god press … Continue reading

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Dear Ailsa

Dear Ailsa, Hello there, how’s your day going? I’m at work somewhat bored yet mysteriously energetic and fidgety 😉 What better way to occupy my idlenss than writing you a letter. One way would be to do the job that … Continue reading

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Sill Party

thank you all for coming and turning up the temperature in our new abode.. it’s well toasty now.. 🙂 & with remarkably little damage, someone decided to smash a glass of redwine against the lightswitch in the hall but that … Continue reading

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Top Hole!

Good Golf, it’s not often I have a good idea but wait til you hear this beauty. I want to open the world’s easiest golf course, it looks like a real course but it is cunningly designed to let any … Continue reading

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life, the universe and everything

just heard the first episode of the new HHGTTG.. it was great to have it back & obviously it is never going to be as good as the real thing but glad they’ve finally gone and done it. 😀 I … Continue reading

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stupid machine stole my money

these days it seems like even churches & public toilets have cash points. i don’t mind paying a small fee sometimes to find a machine where you wouldn’t otherwise have one but the fucking machine in the Windmill has blatently … Continue reading

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go tell it to the mountain

I’d quite like to blow up a mountain. It wouldn’t have to be a big one, but I’d like to blow the top clean off. I know why this is and can only assume yesterday’s news is a sign that … Continue reading

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