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Fodor on meaning of life

“I rather doubt that life has a meaning. If I thought perhaps it did, and I wanted to find out what its meaning is, I don’t imagine I’d ask someone whose credentials consist of a PhD in philosophy.” – Jerry … Continue reading

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money spiders

i’ve been wondering about money spiders. I saw a money spider wandering around on our new lab picnic table in our new lab garden. It was wee. no more than 2mm across. It got me wondering. I’ve been wondering why … Continue reading

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Law of Obligations and Tomfoolery

Earlier today I was invigilating LLB Tort exam, this was question two. Ed, a thirteen year old, is playing by the main road outside the playground with his friends, Sam aged eleven and Albert aged fourteen. Sam suggests that they … Continue reading

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Love and Happiness

You probably want both right? You may be looking in the wrong places. Two short talks from the TED talks series.. Granted the whole TED thing has an sickening taste of pomousness and corporate greenwash, but they do get very … Continue reading

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some incredible russian free running [ifilm]2684760[/ifilm] i wouldn’t mind his shoulders but i wouldn’t like his knees a few years from now.

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