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xmas tip – looking at kittens improves your chance of winning Operation (or Buckaroo)

Viewing cute images increases behavioral carefulness. Emotion. 2009 Apr;9(2):282-6. Sherman GD, Haidt J, Coan JA. Infantile physical morphology—marked by its “cuteness”—is thought to be a potent elicitor of caregiving, yet little is known about how cuteness may shape immediate behavior. … Continue reading

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Aah, Dunlop!

Does scent enhance consumer product memories? December 14, 2009 It may seem odd to add scent to products like sewing thread, automobile tires, and tennis balls, as some companies have done. But a new study in the Journal of Consumer … Continue reading

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Do as we say not as we do

Following on from the less than exemplarly behaviour of Bishop Donal Murray, a formare professor of moral philosophy, it’s a good time to read the the instant classic study by Eric Schwitzgebel that found that professional ethicists are none too … Continue reading

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(S)-N-[1-(4-Cyclopropylmethyl-3,4-dihydro-2 H-benzo[1], [4]oxazin-6-yl)-ethyl]-3-(2-fluoro-phenyl)-acrylamide…al.pone.0008251 Or (S)-2 for short. The Acrylamide (S)-2 As a Positive and Negative Modulator of Kv7 Channels Expressed in Xenopus laevis Oocytes from PLoS ONE Alerts: Neuroscience by Sigrid Marie Blom et al. Background Activation of voltage-gated potassium channels of … Continue reading

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Irish bishop is first to quit over child sex abuse scandal – Europe, World – The Independent…al-1836062.html The heads are finally starting to roll in the Irish church.. An Irish bishop flew to Rome yesterday to hand in his resignation after days of angry and intense pressure over his handling of cases of child sexual abuse … Continue reading

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In Scotland the opposite applies

http://laughing-stalk.blo…ce-between.html Al Gore’s Third Law of the internet: For every act of stupidity found on the internet, there is an equal and opposite bit of idiocy to be found. Scottish police apparently can’t tell the difference between tomato plants and … Continue reading

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Man grows pot in jail, says they’re tomatoes Green fingers & brass neck.. A British prisoner convinced guards his marijuana plants were tomato plants — and they even allowed him to decorate one as a Christmas tree, a source said. Mohamed Jalloh, 28, of Brent, North London, … Continue reading

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Day 002

Pic of the day Word of the day – Deuteranomaly Colour blindness not all it seems Specialised cells detect colour differences Forms of colour blindness may actually give people enhanced perception of some colours, research suggests. Researchers asked people with … Continue reading

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Gaydar – Fitted as standard

http://mindblog.dericbown…t=Google Reader Scientists have previously shown that everyone’s got gaydar and now they show we’ve all got lesdar as well. From the random samples section of the Nov. 27 issue of Science: Can you guess a woman’s sexual orientation just … Continue reading

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Photo – Day 001

the chandelier in the laboratory at home.

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Higgs in Space!

http://blogs.discovermaga…t=Google Reader A new paper uploaded to the arxiv physics preprint server today: Higgs in Space! C.B. Jackson, Geraldine Servant, Gabe Shaughnessy, Tim M.P. Tait, Marco Taoso Abstract: We consider the possibility that the Higgs can be produced in dark … Continue reading

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100 Days « Sidewalkfox

http://sidewalkfox.wordpr…12/01/100-days/ The good peep at Sidewalk Fox is participanting too… See here. & hurrah. You can see the rest of the (official) participants here Some of my favourites: A-Blam will do something creative: practice the concertina, take a beautiful photograph, … Continue reading

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One Hundred Days Do you want to one thing to do for each the next hundred days to make things better? Tessa and I are both going to do it. And we are not the only ones. Each day she is going … Continue reading

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