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Why do the majority of people never get cancer? A highly productive scientific career of over 60 years might lead you to reflect on longevity. Maybe that is what George Klein to ask a very interesting question. Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer – a … Continue reading

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Waiting for your call waiting

It’s a mild coincidence that happens to everyone, you call a friend and as your phone is dialing or reaching their answerphone message, the little blinking message on your phone tells you that they are trying to call you. So … Continue reading

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Do as we say not as we do.. On thursday MP’s are going to vote to exempt their own expenses from the Freedom of Information requirements that apply to all public institutions. I suggest you tell your MP that you are not happy. FOR THE ATTENTION OF: … Continue reading

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Everyone’s got problems

An excellent card from indexed today.

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what goes up (must come down)

A short film by Adam Smith with music by North of Ping Pong and featuring lots of lovely londonness [video:youtube:8V_T9qkrdHs]

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The Universe As Hologram

http://science.slashdot.o…446238&from=rss I am certain that the ‘holographic’ theory is misleadingly named as far as we the general public are concerned but that does not stop it from being a potentially interesting discovery. But mostly I am loving the quote in … Continue reading

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visions of psychology

At the risk of turning this blog into an inefficient mimeograph of Mind Hacks, I have share yet another of Vaughn’s finds with you.. This is just one image in a sequence of 83 by Will Lion. He combines striking … Continue reading

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you spin me right round

Hopefully your new year’s hangovers have now passed because following hot on the heels of the freaky reversing ballerina.. comes another ambiguous spinner.. click on the image to see the movie of a point light figure walking in a circle.. … Continue reading

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DSM V? = Decided in Secret Meetings

As mentioned in the previous post, a committee is currently deciding on the contents of DSM-V. National Public Radio has just run a program on the process [ link]. As Vaughn at Mind Hacks points out one of the more … Continue reading

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