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BONKERSFEST – JUNE 3rd BonkersFest! A one day arts festival celebrating madness, creativity and eccentricity Saturday 3 June 2006 12noon to 10pm Camberwell Green, Southwark SE5 FREE The newly elected Mayor of Southwark launches BonkersFest! at 12noon by firing a cannon filled with … Continue reading

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Smash the presses, zestily

I nearly ended up disliking lemon zesters but had a lucky escape. I hate garlic presses. Utterly pointless devices that do the job they are designed for far, far worse than one can so easily manage with a proper chef’s … Continue reading

Posted in life | Tagged , , , | 2 Comments “In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown. The four worlds formed again and yet again, as endless aeons wheeled and passed. Time, and the … Continue reading

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X-treme Tape Electrical tape simply does not work in a marine environment. Even duct tape won’t stick to something wet. Try getting any tape to stick to a rope or line on a boat. Or try to get a waterproof seal … Continue reading

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lest we forget it’s a bit of a myth that Jesus was a bearded hippie who loves everyone.. but it is one that i have often been guilty of perpetuating.. so for the sake of balance, I’ll let him answer back in … Continue reading

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OCJ Operation Clone Jesus now has a permanent home here

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space-aged plimsoles…ers_like_a.html these are the latest thing in space-sneakers, designed for high-flying cosmonauts of tomorrow but do you notice anything unusual about them? that’s right even after 50 years of space going innovation and the humble shoelace is still the sine … Continue reading

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Schoedinger’s Cast

Just one possible experiment in a theatre among many Performed by Alan Cox at the Soho Theatre, 17th May 2006 Written by Caspar Addyman 2006 We are all familiar with Schroedinger’s cat. A simple little thought experiment that illustrates the … Continue reading

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Hanging’s too good for him…rmer_suppl.html A farmer in Middlesex Suffolk builds and exports gallows to African dictatorships, where they are used to execute dissidents and others who’ve been railroaded through corrupt judicial systems. He’s been condemned by Amnesty International, but insists that “business is … Continue reading

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Single ladies, come to the Babylab!…c-wat050406.php Women attracted to men when they see interest in children refected in their faces Women are able to subconsciously pick up cues of interest in children in men’s faces and use those cues to determine if they are attracted … Continue reading

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Post-mortem brain studies reveal features of mild cognitive impairment…j-pbs050406.php Seems I misread this Eureka Alert headline.. death is fatal after all

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Group Gleefulness One of my own favourite and most personally significant psychology experiments isn’t an experiment at all in the strictest sense, more a set of observations. But it is scientific, it is fun and it was an impetus that steered … Continue reading

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Experimental process

http://sohoexperiment.blo…nt_archive.html An example of one moment in that experimental process that recently surprised me comes from an experiment we are running to see how sensitive babies are to patterns in their environments. We show them two different sequences of coloured … Continue reading

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Experiments.. in theatre

I know many of you like experiments and that most of you are keen on the theatre. You are all in luck because on the evening of Monday 15th May in the Soho Theatre, London you can enjoy both! Tassos … Continue reading

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The Soho Experiment

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