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multiple embedded Socrates

following on from my earlier post, straight after reading mixing memory on Keil’s work on our shallow knowledge, I happened to read chapter of Semantic Cognition by Rogers & McClelland (2004) that attempts to model our causal knowledge systems with … Continue reading

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don’t try this at home

i do not recommend attempting to eat a packet of crisps whilst wearing woollen gloves.

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This supposed INTELLIGENCE TEST is moderately diverting.. but certainly not very rigorous or intelligent. (far too much general knowledge required for one thing among many) 24 H in D -> 24 HOURS in a DAY 26 L of the A … Continue reading

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Wordsworth – A Character

William Wordsworth on face perception and social cognition – A Character William Wordsworth I marvel how Nature could ever find space For so many strange contrasts in one human face: There’s thought and no thought, and there’s paleness and bloom … Continue reading

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Mixing Memory on the Socrates principle

http://mixingmemory.blogs…th-of-mind.html Mixing memory referring in his ever so learned way to what i more simply call the Socrates principle: [this] reminded me of one of my favorite concepts in cognitive psychology, the illusion of explanatory depth. I’m generally fascinated with … Continue reading

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Speak what you feel, not what you ought to say

http://www.psychologicals…06/pr060125.cfm What gives actors their seemingly effortless memory capabilities? Could acting teach us something about memory and cognition, and could acting principles help those with memory problems? These are the questions that cognitive psychologist Helga Noice (Elmhurst College) and her … Continue reading

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academic life causes absent-mindedness?

truly beginning to feel like a real scientist now.. this week has conferences, talks (giving and receiving!), seminars, literature reviews, co-authoring a book review, journal clubs, participant testing, data analysis, and some even null results (the true sign of a … Continue reading

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penguins Be mesons…hts/6868-2.html The experiment picks out B mesons produced when electrons and positrons annihilate. A B meson contains two quarks, one of which is a heavy ‘bottom’ or b quark. When the B-meson decays, the b quark can be transformed into … Continue reading

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Physics Goals of BaBar The study of violation in B decays is the primary physics objective of BaBar[]. .. Up to corrections of order Alamba^4, the penguin diagrams have the same weak phase as the tree diagrams. Thus, these channels have an unambiguous … Continue reading

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Prost Majikthise directed me to Widmer Hefewiezen site expressing approval for their almost quirky adverts (I guess they aren’t half bad by American standards.) I was more taken with the toasts. It seems that every bottle-cap has a short toast … Continue reading

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Leonardo’s Contribution to Neuroscience

http://pevsnerlab.kennedy…N_2002_sans.pdf Leonardo da Vinci’s contributions to neuroscience. Pevsner, J. (2002) Trends Neurosci. 2002 Apr;25(4):217-20. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) made far-reaching contributions to many areas of science, technology and art. Leonardo’s pioneering research into the brain led him to discoveries in … Continue reading

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Just finished short, slightly eccentrical book about Leonardo with lots of colourful plates and some occasionally interesting facts and quotations. I liked this one: “The life of Leonardo is extremely varied and undetermined, so that it seems he lives only … Continue reading

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Moore, Moorcock and more!

Thanks to a tip on Neil Gaiman’s blog, I am going to an evening with Alan Moore in conversation with Michael Moorcock at Blackwells, Charing Cross on 18th Jan. Of MM’s massive output* I’ve only read the wonderful Mother London, … Continue reading

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bad doughnut no cop

there is something so unpleasant about a stale, soggy doughnut that it might even be worse than no doughnut at all. though, of course, i ate it all the same.

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next laptop

http://hardware.slashdot….6/01/13/0243231 Samsung will start producing 16 gigabit Nand Flash chips this year, nudging the memory technology towards use in notebook PCs and maybe even edging out hard drives in some products in the next few years. via phlegmatic about missing … Continue reading

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