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Institute of Measurement and Control The Institute of Measurement and Control is located at 87 Gower Street, which is diagonally across from Waterstones and a building that I have walked past almost everyday for the last 18 months. I had never noticed it before. … Continue reading

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Autism speaking

I’d urge you watch this video of an autistic woman demonstrating her private language for interacting with the world and then ‘translating it’ into our language. [youtube]JnylM1hI2jc[/youtube] She is very eloquent in both. You can support research into the understanding … Continue reading

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prod evidence that my dancing is no worse than that of my friends.. (that’s why they are my friends) [youtube]u0dp3OvAKJo[/youtube]

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spiders on drugs

when spiders are fed drugs they tend to build bizzare webs, the national film board of canada has some informative video footage [gvid]sHzdsFiBbFc[/gvid] the original images can be found here here, for example are the webs on spiders on caffeine … Continue reading

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I, Vampire

At five o’clock this morning, on the shelves of the Flying Pig hostel I found another book in the Women’s Press Science Fiction series. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any weirder than Woman on the Edge of Time … Continue reading

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This is your captain

I was fairly early for my flight back from Amsterdam today so I chose to sit in seat 1A. Which meant I got to sit next to a pilot catching a lift back to London. Didn’t really have much to … Continue reading

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Apocalyptica, Volume 1…a-volume-i.html Superb comic of the day at the english language site of (Click post title for direct link)

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Whilst packing up surfeit of possessions prior to moving back to yuppie-duppie loft appartment in it’s gated community, I watched a few bits of excellent anti-capitalist propaganda. And naturally they are completely free! The Corporation is a multi multi award … Continue reading

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Divine Interventions “What the hell is that?” I hear you cry. That, best beloved, is the Baby Jesus butt plug available from those goodly people at Divine Interventions. Only $31.00 and it glows in the dark. Miraculous. And that’s just the … Continue reading

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animal is an energy…s-wal011007.php Dr. Chris Carbone and colleagues from the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London reason on energy grounds that mammalian top carnivores aren’t likely to be any bigger than a one ton bear. The authors provide a model of … Continue reading

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books booked

on a related note, i think that this year i’m going to be using zotero to keep track of all the books I read. For the last three years, I’ve nerdishly noted when I started and finished each book I … Continue reading

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metal fatigue

Call me stupid but I’ve only just discovered that when it comes to naming heavy metal bands, people lack a little imagination. Not least me. In my first nanowrimo in nov 2004, there was a small event at Earl’s Court. … Continue reading

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the cognitive neuroscience of ghosts

You may have laughed at my cognitive neuropsychology of zombies. At least I hope you did because that was the main intention of it. But it seems that ghosts and hauntings are taken more seriously by psychologists. But I have … Continue reading

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Irony research..

1. Eric Schwitzgebel has meticulously collected data to show that books about Ethics get stolen more regularly than other books in the philosophy section. via cog daily 2. Research reported in the New York Times suggests that pessimists die earlier … Continue reading

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words made of stuff

Just upgraded to new version of b2evolution blogging software and in the process, I picked up a new toy that lets me put youtube finds on the page. Like this? [youtube]DbIRy5MJJQY[/youtube] Like it?

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