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pass the sick bag

All packed and ready to go but feeling a little sick in the stomach.. it might be the extra hot vegetable chilli i had for lunch but i rather suspect it is nerves. Haven’t done anything like this since i … Continue reading

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Guten Tagging…&g2_itemId=3389 The graffiti is everywhere but although i’ve wandered the streets at pretty much every hour of the day and the night I have yet to spot anyone creating it. Perhaps that is part of the point. Or so I … Continue reading

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Nights at the Circus The Circus Hostel has quashed a few of my prejudices about hostels, their uses and users. In my defence, my previous experience consists of school trips to draughty YHA hossels in Scotland and Brecon where even though you are … Continue reading

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Stanstead -> Sch╦ćnefeld

As that wise man Douglas Adams pointed out, it is probably not a coincidence that no language on earth has a use for the phrase ‘as beautiful as an airport’ yet architects continue to rave about Stanstead. In the past … Continue reading

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