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The Many Humanist Meanings of Life, Narrated by Stephen Fry

Regular readers of this blog  (hello mother!) will know that I’ve had a long running obsession with answers to the meaning of life. Asking professional philosophers wasn’t terribly successful. My novel doesn’t really have the answers either. But Stephen Fry does! Lots … Continue reading

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Help Yourself – FREE Kindle edition

Good news cheapskates, you can now get a Kindle edition of my frankly amazing novel completely free. Just click on the link below               Help Yourself (kindle/mobi)  To upload it to your device, you … Continue reading

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Two excellent physics explanations.

I have just come across to these two incredibly lucid accounts of two key features of modern physics. Worth sharing Semiconductors – Mark Miodownik Silicon is a poor conductor of electricity because all of its four outer electrons are bound up … Continue reading

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